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2018 SHOW
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Our theme for this year is Samba, no less! We will explore Samba in all its different aspects and variations. Our theme for this year is Samba, no less! We will explore Samba in all its different aspects and variations, its influences, the changes it has gone through and its best performers and composers.
Nossa Voz members will learn about the significance of different rhythms and instruments, harmonies and melodies, and how all these aspects have contributed to making Samba such a rich and exciting tradition.
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2017 Show:
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The show presented the work of the performers and songwriters who inspired this era in Brazil’s music, from the 1960s and 70s.
They had a feel for the beats, riffs and grooves by songwriters and singers such as Djavan, Tim Maia, Marcos Valle, Jorge Benjor, Filó, amongst others.
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Nossa Voz is the first Brazilian singing group in London and was created in 2004 by Maestro Gui Tavares, an experienced Brazilian musician who has worked with many of the great names of MPB (Brazilian Popular Music). Gui has a classical music training but has developed his career composing and playing popular music. This combination is strongly present in the work of Nossa Voz.

The idea of creating a musical group was born one evening when Gui was playing, together with another musician, in a restaurant in Camden Town and they noticed that the people around them began to sing the songs of various MPB groups.

Nossa Voz has the objective of showing the richness and diversity of Brazilian Popular Music to the British public, including in our repertoire songs from many composers, taking our audiences on a musical journey that goes from indigenous songs, carnival marches, sambas from the 1930s, passing through the Choro of the 1950s and the foreign influences of the 1960s and 70s with the arrival of The Beatles and Rock and Roll in Brazil and their impact on new Brazilian composers.

The group is composed of people of various nationalities who get together to sing Brazilian music and celebrate Brazilian culture, within an original and slightly unconventional project, mixing voices and musical arrangements with theatrical elements, even though the majority of the group had never set foot on a stage before joining. The result of this idea has been presented through the show “Singing Brazil” since December 2006.