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Nossa Voz members come from diverse backgrounds, united by a common passion for Brazilian music and culture. We are always looking for new members who are enthusiastic, committed and passionate about music. You don’t need to speak Portuguese to join us, but you will definitely pick up a few words and phrases if you do. You don’t need to have previous musical experience. We learn the songs by singing them in rehearsals, and from recordings of each part which we use to practice at home.

We’re holding some auditions for new members. The workshops will give you a chance to try out singing with us in a fun and relaxed way. We promise you’ll have a great time! We are serious about our singing but we have a lot of fun rehearsing and performing together.


Mondays Tuesdays 7-9pm

King’s College London, 156 Strand Campus, London WC2R 1ES
Nearest tube stations: Temple, Covent Garden and Charing Cross.

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What members say:

I joined Nossa Voz in February 2011, but in this short time I’ve felt welcomed into the group and very much a part of it. The sessions are good fun and full of energy. My singing has improved, as has my knowledge of Brazilian music and culture. No matter how busy I am, I’m always glad I’ve made the effort to go to the rehearsals one evening a week, and feel fantastic as a result. Rehearsing in my own time is never a problem, I really enjoy the songs and they always make me feel good. This is definitely one of the best things I’ve ever got myself involved in!
Tania Rosler
I joined Nossa Voz following a workshop where I learnt something about the repertoire, style of teaching and Gui’s vision for the group. There was also an audition, for those who wanted it – a bit nerve-wracking but a good test too! Since joining, I have found the group to be incredibly friendly and welcoming. My struggles with the language, as a non-speaker of Portuguese, have been much diminished by the support of the Portuguese and Brazilians in Nossa Voz who’ve been willing to give me pronounciation tips and lots of encouragement. There is a laid-back feel to rehearsals and the concerts which stresses the enjoyment factor of performing. The songs we sing are simply lovely, with gorgeous harmonies, that can be variously uplifing or soulful, high energy or contemplative. I’m always left slightly astonished at the sound we can produce with relatively little repetition. And that samba beat makes it impossible to stand still!
Valerie Rowles
For someone with a long time interest in Brazilian music and a budding fascination with the Portuguese language, singing with Nossa Voz is ideal. It feels natural; like connecting with a dormant part of myself. Gui’s rich vocal arrangements are both challenging and rewarding for a harmony-enthusiast like me. There is much to be learned under Gui’s tutellage and thanks to his vast musical expertise I feel as if I am really growing in knowledge and ability as well. The culturally diverse group is very friendly and welcoming. I really enjoy the social events too. I feel like an honorary Brazilian!
Tola A. Ositelu
Sempre cantei e toquei musica, com alguma formacao e experiencia escolar e amadora; paixao pessoal e interesse profissional pela musica brasileira, como pesquisador e professor de cultura brasileira (inclusive musica popular). Meus objetivos: fazer amigos, melhor a comunicação com as pessoas, estar mais perto da cultura brasileira, alimentar meu apetite pela pratica musical, e a possibilidade de cantar um repertorio brasileiro. Desde estudos no curso de formacao universitaria, via meu doutorado e minha carreira como professor universitario, 30 (quarenta) anos de convivencia com a cultura brasileira, e mais de 25 anos que visito o pais regularmente. A participacao e aderencia ao grupo (minha e dos outros membros) tem muito a ver com a influencia inspiradora do nosso professor , com a riqueza e beleza dos arranjos que formam nosso repertorio e com a insistencia no trabalho em juntar canto com coreografia e a interpretacao mais ampla do material como performance (somos muito mais que um simples “coral”!)
David Treece