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The Sea, "Mar" in Portuguese

Nossa Voz (Our Voice) – Since 2014 many people have had the pleasure of being part of singing, or watching our performances. Since Nossa Voz is not a professional singing group, it is open to all levels of musical experience, even beginners. 
We put together people who are advanced with those who are not, in a environment of mutual cooperation, because everyone has to learn something new.

Brazilian music is very rich and has much to explore, learning and revisiting great songs of the past and the present. 

The theme chosen for the next practices and performances, will be the sea (Marin Portuguese). There are a myriad of songs with different songwriters, which will bring a “musical breeze” very fulfilt (uplifting).

If you want to be part of this group, do not hesitate to call and contact. 

Nossa Voz is a friendly group and weekly sessions are full of content for everyone.

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